A:    Basically keyboard is a western instrument, But we are teaching by using the harmonium method  [Right hand oriented playing] through Indian music [SARGAM]. .

Q:    Can the students play other music styles too? Apart from Indian classical music?

A:     Of course they can but mainstream will be Indian music.


Q:    Well is there any text books they need to get?

A:    In Indian classical {especially Carnatic] there is no books required for practicing the Exercises, until the SAPTHA THALA ALANGARAS, All are in pattern system, So once the students are able to get the pattern instead of mugging up the books, They can write their own notes. From the GEETHA onwards they will get free soft copies.


Q:     What makes Panchamam is something different compare to other Indian music institutions?

A:    Probably Panchamam is the one of few Indian music institutions in the world which uses METRONOME in the class room to improve the students’ precision and sense of rhythm.


 Q:  Since Indian the backbone of Indian music is GAMAKA, How the students can implement it on Keyboard?

A :        With the help of pitch bend facility the students will be able to play GAMAKAs in Keyboard.